Balances for Children's Expenses Tracked by Co-parents

Cent makes it easier for co-parents to understand the status of each expense and group them by their status to determine who owes what.

View expense balances

How to View Children's Expense Balances

To view children's expense balances Cent you don't need to download any apps. It works on any device including your Android Smartphone and Tablet, iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and Windows PC.

From Navigation
1. Click on Expenses.
2. Click on Status.
3. Click on Open.
4. You can see a complete list of expenses that haven't been settled yet and balances.
5. You can repeat the step for Disputed and other Expense statuses and categories.

From Expense List Table
1. Click on Status.
2. You will see a complete list of unsettled expenses and their balances.