Co-parent Expense Sharing Simplified

Cent is the easiest way to share children's bills and expenses. With a simple interface, you can quickly create a new expense and request your co-parent to pay their share. It works everywhere including your mobile phone, PC, and tablet. You don't need to manage a stack of paper bills and receipts or hand them to your ex physically.

Benefits of Expense Sharing Through Cent

Even if a co-parent wants they cannot avoid paying children's expenses such as dental and medical co-pays that are not covered by court-ordered child support payments. By law both parents are required to contribute towards such expenses. Cent makes it effortless to create reimbursement requests and track any outstanding bills. There are several benefits of using Cent:

No Misunderstandings - Since nothing is left for interpretation and all expense requests are managed digitally, there are no misunderstandings about who owes what.

No Delays - Your co-parent is notified immediately when you create an expense request. This makes it easier on your wallet.

Accountability - All expense reimbursement requests are digital and trackable. Your co-parent can no longer deny that they didn't get a payment request.

Payment Tracking - All payments are applied to their respective expenses. A co-parent no longer can claim that they have paid for a certain expense when that payment was intended for something else.
Blended family expense tracking

Legal Proof - All expense reports can be printed and presented in court if needed to get reimbursed.

Positive Effect on Children - When parents are not arguing about money in front of children it creates a healthier environment for them.

With Cent, parents can easily share outstanding bills for their childen's shared expenses. It makes it easier for them talk about these expenses.

Blended family expense payments

How to Effortlessly Request Child Support

To create a new expense request with Cent you don't need to download any apps. Cent expense request feature works on any device including your Android Smartphone and Tablet, iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and Windows PC. Just log in after creating an account. Once logged in you will see the "Add Expense" button on every screen of the top bar. Below are the detailed steps to create a reimbursement request for your co-parenting expense.

From Top Bar
1. Click on Add Expense.
2. You will be redirected to the Add Expense form.
3. Enter Expense Name.
4. Select Expense Category. You can pick Activities, Childcare, Child Support, Clothing & Shoes, Education, Medical, Shopping, Transportation, Travel, and Other
5. Enter Expense Amount.
6. Select Expense Status. Select "Open", if you have already paid the merchant.
7. Select Expense Date.
8. Select Child(ren) the expense is for. Cent has by default selected a child for you.
9. Select the responsible party who should reimburse you for their share.
10.Select the responsible party's share.
11.Cent will calculate the amount they are responsible for.
12.Upload a copy of a bill or a receipt as proof of purchase.
13.Enter a message/note for your co-parent.
14.Click on Save.
15.Your co-parent will be notified immediately of the new expense reimbursement request.

From Expense List Table
1. Click on Add.
2. Follow steps 2 to 15 from Top Bar to complete the expense reimbursement request.

Creating reimbursement requests related to children's shared expenses is very effortless with Cent. It makes it much easier for co-parents to discuss these expenses, which allows them to spend more time with their children. Cent makes it easier to be a financially responsible co-parent.

Creating a recurring expense request for activities, baby sitting and education is very easy. Learn more about recurring expenses here.

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