Co-parent Expense Tracking for Multiple Children

In a typical blended family, you can have multiple children in the same age group. Their activities and expenses are going to be similar too. Managing and assigning the right expense amount can be challenging. Cent simplifies the process.

Benefits of Managing Expense Sharing Through Cent

Cent makes it effortless to manage expenses for multiple children so that the responsible co-parent can pay their share. Below is a list of key benefits:

Clarity - Expenses are assigned to the co-parent for theier children and the amount they owe.

Payments - The paying co-parent can make a payment as soon as they receive the expense notification.

Expense Tracking - All expenses are trackable. Both parties can view them at any time.

Payment Tracking - All payments are applied to their respective expenses and tracked.

Legal Proof - All expense reports and payments can be presented in a family court if needed.

Positive Effect on Children - It can boost children's confidence that parents can take care of them.

Blended family expense tracking

With Cent, parents can easily share and pay outstanding bills for multiple childen's shared expenses.

Blended family expense payments

How to Request Support for Multiple Children

To request support with Cent you don't need to download any apps. It works on any device including your Android Smartphone and Tablet, iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and Windows PC. Below are the detailed steps to create a reimbursement request.

From Top Bar
1. Click on Add Expense.
2. You will be redirected to the Add Expense form.
3. Enter Expense Name.
4. Select Expense Category. You can pick Activities, Childcare, Child Support, Clothing & Shoes, Education, Medical, Shopping, Transportation, Travel, and Other
5. Enter Expense Amount.
6. Select Expense Status. Select "Open", if you have already paid the merchant.
7. Select Expense Date.
8. Select Children the expense is for.
9. Select the co-parent responsible for the expense reimbursement.
10.Select the responsible party's share.
11.Cent will calculate the amount they are responsible for.
12.Upload a copy of a bill or a receipt as proof of purchase.
13.Enter a message/note for your co-parent.
14.Click on Save.
15.Your co-parent will be notified immediately of the new expense reimbursement request.

From Expense List Table
1. Click on Add.
2. Follow steps 2 to 15 from Top Bar to complete the expense reimbursement request.

Creating support requests related to multiple children's shared expenses is very effortless with Cent. It makes it much easier for co-parents to create and discuss these requests.

Creating a recurring support request for activities, baby sitting and education is very easy. Learn more about recurring support requests here.

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