Children's Expense Tracking for Single Parents

Cent is the easiest way for single parents to track their children's expenses. There are times when co-parents don't get along and one of them refuses to use a platform to track their children's shared expenses. There could also be times when one of the co-parents is missing and cannot be contacted for child support payments. In such cases, a co-parent may want to track all the child-related expenses so that the other co-parent can be requested to back pay.

How to Enable Single Parent Tracking

Single parents can track children's expenses when the other co-parent is not participating, even though by law both parents are required to contribute towards such expenses. Cent makes it effortless for single parents. The feature can be enabled by clicking on "Proceed Without Co-parent". Below are some advantages of tracking expenses as a single parent:

Back Pay - It is very important to keep track of children's expenses so that when the Office of Child Support Enforcement can get hold of the missing parent they can be asked to back pay child support.

Legal Proof - It is also possible that Child Protective Services from your state may ask you for evidence that you can support your children as a single parent. A complete record of expenses can satisfy the condition.
Expense tracking for Single Parents

Single parent expense management

How to Manage Children's Expenses as a Single Parent

To manage children's expenses as a single parent with Cent you don't need to download any apps. Cent single parent expense tracking feature works on any device including your Android Smartphone and Tablet, iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and Windows PC.

From Top Bar
1. Click on Add Expense.
2. You will be redirected to the Add Expense form.
3. Enter Expense Name.
4. Select Expense Category. You can pick Activities, Childcare, Child Support, Clothing & Shoes, Education, Medical, Shopping, Transportation, Travel, and Other
5. Enter Expense Amount.
6. Select Expense Status. Select "Open", if you have already paid the merchant.
7. Select Expense Date.
8. Select Child(ren) the expense is for. Cent has by default selected a child for you.
9. Select the No Co-parent as the responsible party.
10.Select the responsible party's share.
11.Cent will calculate the amount they are responsible for.
12.Upload a copy of a bill or a receipt as proof of purchase.
13.Click on Save.
14.Now you have an expense record you can demand the back pay for.

From Expense List Table
1. Click on Add.
2. Follow steps 2 to 14 from Top Bar to complete the expense reimbursement request.

Creating a recurring expense record for activities, baby sitting and education is also very easy. Learn more about recurring expenses here.

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